This quickstart guide describes the actions necessary to perform a basic installation of Mayastor on an existing Kubernetes cluster, sufficient for evaluation purposes. It assumes that the target cluster will pull the Mayastor container images directly from MayaData public container repositories. Where preferred, it is also possible to build Mayastor locally from source and deploy the resultant images but this is outside of the scope of this quickstart document.

Deploying and operating Mayastor within production contexts requires a foundational knowledge of Mayastor internals and best practices, found elsewhere within this documentation resource. Some application use cases may require specific configuration and where this is so, it is called out in the Use Cases section.

Mayastor is beta software. It is considered largely, if not entirely, feature complete. Beta software "will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software and speed or performance issues, and may still cause crashes or data loss"

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