This website/page will be End-of-life (EOL) after 31 August 2024. We recommend you to visit OpenEBS Documentation for the latest Mayastor documentation (v2.6 and above).

Mayastor is now also referred to as OpenEBS Replicated PV Mayastor.

Mayastor supports seamless upgrades starting with target version 2.1.0 and later, and source versions 2.0.0 and later. To upgrade from a previous version(1.0.5 or prior) to 2.1.0 or later, visit Legacy Upgrade Support.

Supported upgrade paths

  • From 2.0.x to 2.5.0

  • The upgrade operation utilises the Mayastor Kubectl Plugin.

  • The upgrade process is generally non-disruptive for volumes with a replication factor greater than 1 and all replicas being healthy, prior to starting the upgrade.

To upgrade Mayastor deployment on the Kubernetes cluster, execute:

kubectl mayastor upgrade

To view all the available options and sub-commands that can be used with the upgrade command, execute:

kubectl mayastor upgrade -h

To view the status of upgrade, execute:

kubectl mayastor get upgrade-status

To view the logs of upgrade job, execute:

kubectl logs <upgrade-job-pod-name> -n <mayastor-namespace>
  1. The time taken to upgrade is directly proportional to the number of Mayastor nodes and Mayastor volumes.

  2. To upgrade to a particular Mayastor version, ensure you are using the same version of kubectl plugin.

  3. The above process of upgrade creates one Job in the namespace where Mayastor is installed, one ClusterRole, one ClusterRoleBinding and one ServiceAccount.

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