Each Mayastor Node (MSN), that is each cluster worker node which will host an instance of a Mayastor pod, must have these resources free and available for use by Mayastor:
    Two x86-64 CPU cores with SSE4.2 instruction support:
      Intel Nehalem processor (march=nehalem) and newer
      AMD Bulldozer processor and newer
    4GiB of RAM
    HugePage support
      A minimum of 2GiB of 2MiB-sized huge pages
    Linux kernel 5.4 or higher with the following modules loaded:
      ext4 and optionally xfs
Instances of the Mayastor pod must be run in privileged mode

Node Count

As long as the resource prerequisites are met, Mayastor can deployed to a cluster with just a single worker node. However note that in order to evaluate the synchronous replication feature (N+1 mirroring), the number of worker nodes to which Mayastor is deployed should be no less than the desired replication factor. E.g. three-way mirroring of Persistent Volumes (PV) would require Mayastor to be deployed to a minimum of three worker nodes.

Transport Protocols

Mayastor supports the export and mounting of a Persistent Volume over either NVMe-oF TCP or iSCSI (configured as a parameter of the PV's underlying StorageClass). Worker node(s) on which a PV is to be mounted must have the requisite initiator support installed and configured for the protocol in use.


In order to reliably mount application PVs over NVMe-oF TCP, a worker node's kernel version must be 5.3 or later. Verify that the nvme-tcp kernel module is loaded and if necessary, load it.
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