All worker nodes must satisfy the following requirements:
  • x86-64 CPU cores with SSE4.2 instruction support:
    • Intel Nehalem processor (march=nehalem) and newer
    • AMD Bulldozer processor and newer
  • Linux kernel 5.4 or higher with the following modules loaded:
    • nvme-tcp
    • ext4 and optionally xfs

Mayastor pods (Data Plane/Engine)

Each worker node which will host an instance of a Mayastor pod must have the following resources free and available for use by Mayastor:
  • Two CPU cores
  • 4GiB RAM
  • HugePage support
    • A minimum of 2GiB of 2MiB-sized pages
Instances of the Mayastor pod must be run in privileged mode

Worker Node Count

As of version 1.0 the minimum supported worker node count is three nodes.
Note also, that when using the synchronous replication feature (N+1 mirroring), the number of worker nodes to which Mayastor is deployed should be no less than the desired replication factor. E.g. four-way mirroring of a volume would require Mayastor pods to be deployed to a minimum of four worker nodes within the cluster.

Transport Protocols

As of version 1.0, Mayastor supports the export and mounting of volumes over NVMe-oF TCP only. Worker node(s) on which a volume may be scheduled to be mounted must have the requisite initiator support installed and configured.
In order to reliably mount application volumes over NVMe-oF TCP, a worker node's kernel version must be 5.3 or later and the nvme-tcp kernel module must be loaded.