Welcome to Mayastor!
The native NVMe-oF CAS engine for OpenEBS, by OpenEBS

What is Mayastor?

Mayastor is currently under development as a sub project of the Open Source CNCF project OpenEBS. OpenEBS is a "Container Attached Storage" or CAS solution which extends Kubernetes with a declarative data plane, providing flexible persistent storage for stateful applications.
Design goals for Mayastor include:
  • Highly available, durable persistence of data.
  • To be readily deployable and easily managed by autonomous SRE or development teams.
  • To be a low-overhead abstraction.
OpenEBS Mayastor incorporates Intel's Storage Performance Development Kit. It has been designed from the ground up to leverage the protocol and compute efficiency of NVMe-oF semantics, and the performance capabilities of the latest generation of solid-state storage devices, in order to deliver a storage abstraction with performance overhead measured to be within the range of single-digit percentages.
By comparison most pre-CAS shared everything storage systems are widely thought to impart an overhead of at least 40% and sometimes as much as 80% or more as compared to the capabilities of the underlying devices or cloud volumes; additionally pre-CAS shared storage scales in an unpredictale manner as I/O from many workloads interact and compete for the capabilities of the shared storage system.
While Mayastor utilizes NVMe-oF it does not require NVMe devices or cloud volumes to operate.

Where can I find Mayastor?

The Mayastor product is associated with multiple repositories under the OpenEBS project. The list of repositories are as follows:
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