Welcome to Mayastor!

The native NVMe-oF CAS engine for OpenEBS, by OpenEBS

What is Mayastor?

Mayastor is currently under development as a storage engine option of the Open Source CNCF project OpenEBS. OpenEBS is a "Container Attached Storage" solution which extends Kubernetes with a declarative data plane, providing flexible persistent storage for stateful applications.

Design goals for Mayastor include:

  • Highly available, durable persistence of data.

  • To be readily deployable and easily managed by autonomous SRE or development teams.

  • To be a low-overhead abstraction.

Mayastor incorporates Intel's Storage Performance Development Kit. It has been designed from the ground up to leverage the protocol and compute efficiency of NVMe-oF semantics, and the performance capabilities of the latest generation of solid-state storage devices, in order to deliver a storage abstraction with performance overhead measured to be within the range of single-digit percentages.

Where can I find Mayastor?

The Mayastor GitHub repository can be found here.

Project Status

Mayastor is beta software. It is considered largely, if not entirely, feature complete and substantially without major known defects. Minor and unknown defects can be expected; please deploy accordingly.

"Who" are Mayastor?

Mayastor is a component of OpenEBS and is actively developed and maintained by MayaData, as part of the Kubera platform for data agility. The OpenEBS family of storage engines are fully Open Source and "free forever" - feedback and contributions are welcomed.