Deploy Mayastor


Before deploying and using Mayastor please consult the Known Issues section of this guide.

The steps and commands which follow are intended only for use in conjunction with Mayastor version(s) 2.2.x.

Installation via helm

Installing Mayastor via the Helm chart sets the StorageClass as 'default' for Loki and etcd StatefulSets. This will work in clusters which have a StorageClass named 'default'. If there is no 'default' StorageClass in the cluster, storage provisioning will fail for Loki and etcd. In such cases, one can change the StorageClass to 'manual' which will provision a PersistentVolume of type hostPath. To do this, make the following changes in the values.yaml file:

  • loki-stack.persistence.storageClassName: manual

  • etcd.persistence.storageClassName: manual

  1. Add the OpenEBS Mayastor Helm repository.

helm repo add mayastor 

Run the following command to discover all the stable versions of the added chart repository:

helm search repo mayastor --versions

To discover all the versions (including unstable versions), execute: helm search repo mayastor --devel --versions

  1. Run the following command to install Mayastor _version 2.2.

helm install mayastor mayastor/mayastor -n mayastor --create-namespace --version 2.2.0

Verify the status of the pods by running the command:

kubectl get pods -n mayastor

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