Mayastor Kubectl Plugin

The ‘Mayastor kubectl plugin’ can be used to view and manage Mayastor resources such as nodes, pools and volumes. It is also used for operations such as scaling the replica count of volumes.


  • The Mayastor kubectl plugin is available for the Linux platform. The binary for the plugin can be found here.

  • Add the downloaded Mayastor kubectl plugin under $PATH.

To verify the installation, execute:

kubectl mayastor -V

Using Mayastor kubectl plugin

    kubectl-mayastor [OPTIONS] <SUBCOMMAND>

    -h, --help
            Print help information
    -j, --jaeger <JAEGER>
            Trace rest requests to the Jaeger endpoint agent
    -k, --kube-config-path <KUBE_CONFIG_PATH>
            Path to kubeconfig file
    -n, --namespace <NAMESPACE>
            Kubernetes namespace of mayastor service, defaults to mayastor [default: mayastor]
    -o, --output <OUTPUT>
            The Output, viz yaml, json [default: none]
    -r, --rest <REST>
            The rest endpoint to connect to
    -t, --timeout <TIMEOUT>
            Timeout for the REST operations [default: 10s]
    -V, --version
            Print version information
    cordon      'Cordon' resources
    drain       'Drain' resources
    dump        `Dump` resources
    get         'Get' resources
    help        Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    scale       'Scale' resources
    uncordon    'Uncordon' resources

The plugin can be used to get the following resource information:

  • Volumes

kubectl mayastor get volumes
  • Pools

kubectl mayastor get pools
  • Nodes

kubectl mayastor get nodes

All the above resource information can be retrieved for a particular resource using its ID. The command to do so is as follows: kubectl mayastor get <resource_name> <resource_id>

The Mayastor kubectl plugin can also be used for performing the following operations:

  • Scaling the replica count of a volume

kubectl mayastor scale volume <volume_id> <size>
  • Retrieving resource specs in any desired format

kubectl mayastor -ojson get <resource_type>
  • Retrieving replica topology for specific volumes.

kubectl mayastor get volume-replica-topology <volume_id>

The plugin requires access to the Mayastor REST server for execution. It gets the master node IP from the kube-config file. In case of any failure, the REST endpoint can be specified using the ‘–rest’ flag.


  • The plugin currently does not have authentication support.

  • The plugin can operate only over HTTP.

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