Node Drain

This website/page will be End-of-life (EOL) after 31 August 2024. We recommend you to visit OpenEBS Documentation for the latest Mayastor documentation (v2.6 and above).

Mayastor is now also referred to as OpenEBS Replicated PV Mayastor.

The node drain functionality marks the node as unschedulable and then gracefully moves all the volume targets off the drained node. This feature is in line with the node drain functionality of Kubernetes.

To start the drain operation, execute:

kubectl-mayastor drain node <node_name> <label>

To get the list of nodes on which the drain operation has been performed, execute:

kubectl-mayastor get drain nodes

To halt the drain operation or to make the node schedulable again, execute:

kubectl-mayastor uncordon node <node_name> <label>

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